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Discover answers to the questions we most frequently hear about Texas property taxes below. If you find that we haven’t addressed your concern already, just give us a call — we’re happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with the property tax help you require.

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What makes Reliance Tax Loans unique from other tax loan companies in Texas?

We are committed to providing you with the utmost in professional and courteous service — as well as the lowest rates in the industry, backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Are you licensed by the State of Texas?

General Questions
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When I obtain a loan for my Texas property taxes, will a new lien be placed on my property?

Yes. Once your property taxes become delinquent, your taxing authority will place a lien on your property. In order to secure your tax loan, we will require a transfer of the taxing authority’s lien and will file a new deed of trust on your property.

Can I lose my home to foreclosure if my property taxes are delinquent?

Yes. Each year, the tax authority in the state of Texas automatically imposes a tax lien on unpaid property taxes, and the court system has the power to enforce a foreclosure on your property. If you let your Texas property taxes go unpaid, you are likely to lose your home to foreclosure in the State of Texas.

What is the total amount of interest, penalties and fees that a taxing authority will charge if I am delinquent on my property taxes?

As soon as your taxes are delinquent (February 1st), the taxing authority will charge 7% in interest and penalties. In most counties, the rate increases 2% per month until July 1st, when the taxing authority charges a collection fee of 20%.

Therefore, Texas property taxes delinquent on July 1st will have incurred 38% in interest, penalties, and fees — and the rate increases each month, resulting in charges of up to 44% just in the first year of delinquency!

The following chart summarizes typical county charges:

Month Penalty Interest Atty. Fees Total
February 6% 1% 7%>
March 7% 2% 9%
April 8% 3% 11%
May 9% 4% 13%
June 10% 5% 15%
July 12% 6% 20% 38%
August 7% 39%
September 8% 40%
October 9% 41%
November 10% 42%
December 11% 43%
January 12% 44%

Can I negotiate a payment plan on my property taxes or a reduction in penalties with my local tax authority?

Maybe. It is possible, which is why we encourage you to contact them to see if a payment plan is available.

Can I obtain an exemption for my property taxes from my taxing authority?

Maybe. If you own a homestead property or if you’re in the military, over 65 years old or disabled, you may be eligible for an exemption. We suggest that you contact your local tax authority directly to see if you qualify.

Can I apply for another loan with Reliance Tax Loans if I already have one from a previous year?

Yes. We will gladly add your new Texas property taxes to your existing loan with us, so you can make one convenient monthly payment.

Can I refinance a tax loan I have with another company with Reliance Tax Loans?

Maybe. Provided your current lender is willing to sign a Transfer of Tax Lien for your current loan balance, we can loan you money to pay off a tax lender you’ve previously used, as well as include sufficient funds to payoff the current year’s tax bill.

Do my property taxes have to be past due before I can apply for a tax loan?

No. You may apply for a loan prior to January 31st for the current year’s property taxes.

Can I get a loan from you for other purposes?

No. We specialize in property tax loans only.

Can I cancel if I change my mind after I close the loan?

Yes. Federal Laws provide you with a 3-day period in which you can cancel your loan if your Texas property is a homestead property. After 3 days, your taxes are paid and your monthly payments begin.

Loan Questions
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Are loans available for commercial property, investment property or land?

Yes. As long as the property is maintained and has an appraised value of at least $80,000.

Application Process Questions
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How can I apply for a loan with Reliance Tax Loans?

Telephone Inquiry: Call us at 888-250-2645 for a confidential, no-obligation consultation and application.

Online Application: Complete the online application and one of our tax loan experts will contact you at a time that’s most convenient for you.

I've recently filed for bankruptcy and have credit problems. Will I be approved for a loan?

Maybe. A prior bankruptcy is usually not a problem, but a pending bankruptcy may prevent your loan from being approved. Poor credit histories do not prevent loan approvals.

What documents do I need in order to apply for a loan?

We ask that you have the following available for your loan application:

-Driver License or Government Issued ID
-Social Security Number
-Mortgage Information
-Insurance Company Information
-Bank Statement

How much is the application fee?

We do not charge an application fee.

How soon can we close the loan once we're approved to have our taxes paid?

We will close your loan within 2 days of receipt of your complete application. Due to legal requirements in the State of Texas regarding property taxes, we must wait 3 days from your closing to pay your taxes. Your Texas property taxes will be paid as soon as possible to avoid any additional fees.

Questions About Your Loan Terms
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What are the terms of a loan with Reliance Tax Loans?

Most loans with us are repaid within 3–15 years and are set up with monthly payments.

What is the interest rate for my loan?

Our current rates vary and depend on loan terms, loan amount and property type. Call us for an exact quote.

Questions About Repayment
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How do I submit my monthly payment?

First, select the day on which you would like your payment to be withdrawn. From there, we handle the rest with your ACH agreement, which authorizes a direct debit from your checking account so you don’t have to worry about checks or mailing services.

Can I mail a payment versus using ACH?

No. All borrowers must have a valid ACH agreement in place so that we may process your loan payment more efficiently.

What happens if I miss a payment? Will my property be foreclosed on?

It is possible that a foreclosure could be initiated if your loan is delinquent, but it is not our intention to seize your property. We will work with you if it is possible to restructure your loan to avoid foreclosure. By Texas law, foreclosure proceedings can be started in order to collect the outstanding debt.

May I prepay my loan?

Yes. You may prepay your loan at any time with no pre-payment penalties, but this applies to residential loans only.